2007-10-08 14:42:03 by bman1003011

I've been hard at work lately, trying to get the first episode of my new series in to the halloween contest

unlike the Southwest Park theme song, there are MAJOR CHANGES.

First of all, it isn't based on South Park any way at all other than art style.

And it will be ALL VECTOR, so no more pixels when you zoom in like in the original theme song prototype (which you can view on my page).

And it will be called "I Love Watching TV", and that name comes from when i was brainstorming ideas with myself (ironically) and was thinking of some good jokes, many of which were parodies of commercials.

and also, heres a concept picture of the new, more detailed art approach

it shows the main character playing a bass guitar, which is INCREDIBLY DETAILED.
Tell me what you think



2007-08-20 21:27:55 by bman1003011

As you all know i havent had a new flash in a while, but my next one is confirmed to be the first episode of a new series im making that is going to be made off the basis of "Southwest Park" but it isnt the same series.

It will utilize a new theme song and the only thing similar to South Park will be the art style.

Thanks to all the people that enjoy my work, and i will keep you up to date on the progress.